Dirty, grainy, reverberated guitars. Just how I like it. Channeling some Jesus and Mary Chain. All tracks are go. The Suede cover is excellent. The ambient tracks are a delight.

LP cover

I prefer the packaging of this LP over the other version I’ve found on Discogs. The photos and the band’s name bind very well, looking a bit eerie.

Black and white photo taken from a clearing in the forest, with some trees down, probably suggesting a flying saucer went by

Abstract expressionist style painting, in black and white, of what seems to be a flying saucer

Black and white photo of a road, allowing to see part of the road and part of the sky with some strange cloud formations

Black and white abstract painting with broad brushstrokes scrapings

Black and white abstract painting with broad brushstrokes scrapings


CD cover

Photo of the moon at night, maybe, a source of light, at least, with tree branches in between the light and the photographer. Some motion blur on it

Photo of a sunrise. The landscape is bleak and plain with no housings in sight

In search of spaces

CD cover

Photo of a rudimentary stone archway, potentially medieval, with a cross engraving on the top middle of the arch. The photo is in black and white, printed on a brownish cardboard, making it look rugged, mysterious and eerie

P.A. Blues

Raw and intense clashing. I like how it turned into this dirtier, kraut-ish, radical style.

CD cover

Extremely blurry photo of a clear sky, probably provoked by the enlargement beyond its resolution until you can actually see the printing, dotted pattern


Fuzzy and warming. I like the mood this album puts on. It’s like I’m transported to a different dimension without the cheesy hippie stuff, just dreamy noise clouds that elevate you elsewhere to be inspired. Very creative sonic scapes.

CD cover

White cover with a photo of a cloudy sky on the side. Name of the band above the image and the album's name below. All artwork in black and dark teal colors