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Soothing and up my alley. It has a little bit of slow post-rock vibes and some lounge-y trance with pastoral sounds, like cows, chickens, birds… A bit of a weird mix, but it’s still very much enjoyable and somehow relaxing.

LP cover

Nice imagery on the LP.

Close-up photo of vegetation/bushes. There is a red flower in the center area

Same type of photo as the previous one, just a different details of the vegetaion, now with some blurred yellow flowers in the background

CD cover

I like the humble typography work here.

Same type of phot as the LP, close-up photos of vegetaiton. Now some purple cardoons are in highlight and focus. Band's name on the top area. Album's name on the bottom left and arranged in a circular design, like a stamp with another type of flower, red, as the background of said circle

Close-up photo of leaver and on top it has the track list of the album overlayed