I am enjoying this recent wave of art that I want to call “Internet Poetry”. It seems to be like a synergic movement where people, tired of being seduced and sucked their life out. The vampires being tech capitalistic platforms made by Meta, Twitter, TikTok, and many, many others, that aren’t concerned about your feelings and health.

What characterizes this internet poetry is the do-it-yourself attitude. People that enter this mindset have a fascination with a raw control of the internet, of going back to the roots. They also carry a nostalgic feeling from when they were younger and remember a more immature web, with more freedom, less capitalized, and connected to an experimental, childish mindset of that user at that timeframe.

I feel like I am made by the same feeling of revolt, and I want to do something about it. Not only for myself, for personal growth. I am also open to educating others that are eager to learn about it, if and while I garner the knowledge to do participate.

In this space, I’m inspired/entertained by:

Some traces associated to internet poetry:

  • Anti-capitalism
  • Anti-tech-perfectionism
  • Anti-data-exploitation
  • A focus on delivering the message
  • Preference for raw markup/code (for example, HTML+CSS only for websites)
  • Looking to belong to a community
  • Create rituals that promote a healthier relationship with the internet (for example, gathering around creating together, or creating content under the same topic)