This fantasy graphic novel series caught my attention, called “3rd Voice”, and it was created by the incredibly talented Evan Dahm. In his words:

(The story of 3rd Voice) concerns an invented world in a state of apocalyptic crisis, and the precarious lives of many people therein.

I don’t remember how I found it, but my first impression was some repulsion for the character designs. For example, I hate Spondule’s snout. It’s like a dick on the face. Some other characters, I find them too childish, and somehow not fitting the personality. However, I do like some other designs, like Noc. He’s very attractive, maybe because of his moral direction… Something to think about.

Well, after reading for a while, I completely forgot about the looks. Knowing the characters now, I love them all! They’re amazing! There’s some sort of lesson here, I suspect… Characters apart, the drawings are great, but the coloring is fantastic and fits the story so well.

The important is the story. It is enticing, well crafted, and leaves me a desire for more, and this comic gets out one page per week!

Some of the pages below. Obviously, credits to Evan Dahm for creating these.

Page 14. A full transcription of the comic panels can be found in 3rd Voice's website

Page 66

Page 81

Page 121