Some of my favorite albums, and also my favorite covers, pasted into this document:


Magic, spacey, enthralling. It’s like drug-music that keeps repeating the pattern with slight shifts, and it entrances the mind.

Cassette sleeve

Black and white drawing of an alien-like cityscape, with some grass (?) beneath, and  with a huge alien figure hovering the city. Above the alien's head is the name of the band and the album

Drawing of sound


I like this one a lot. It’s more repetitive and minimal but has a lot of heart and swinging subtleties that soothes the mind. It’s less psychedelic and more introspective, in my view.

LP cover

Greenish and blueish photography of what appears to be an underwater view of floating ice slabs. Overlaid, a subtle typography with the band and the album names

Presumably the back art with a collage of different landscapes of Antarctica (probably) depicting ice seas and ice mountains

CD cover

Greenish photography of what appears to be an underwater view of floating ice slabs. This one so abstract that appears to be clouds instead. Overlaid, a subtle typography with the band and the album names

Another shot similar to the previous one, just a different view of the ice


More refined, ambient-structured and drone-y.


A collection of singles and rarities between the years 1993 and 2000. Super-worth, beautiful and inspiring. A very long play distributed into three compact discs.

I’m a sucker for drone tracks like “Song for ‘After the flood’”. It’s like a big, voluminous cloud traversing my mind, and leaves me in a positive creative mood.

CD cover

It's a night photo of Windy and Carl on a stage performing. Their figures are a bit distorted and ghost-like due to the lighting conditions and the blurriness of the photo and the printing

A dream of blue

It’s like listening to a movie. Windy’s voice here is spot on, and sets the perfect mood for me to listen to this. It’s more post-rock than the other records.

CD cover

Blue and purple watercolor stain on what seems to be watercolor paper, quite dense and enigmatic, like a dream

Back cover. The blueish staining continues and there is a stamp with the track list, label branding and other technicalities

I hate people

This one is authored by Windy Weber alone. I enjoy this one too much. I’m in the same club as Windy.

I suspect this album may aggress most people. It’s desolated, it’s isolated. Feels more like an arid desert. Tastes like sand, and it’s windy (no pun intended) due to these enchanting vocals and pipes.

I love there’s that undertone of this desolation going on, and this quasi tragedy of being alone. I sense that it’s also celebratory music. Something we are secretly enjoying and is part of a rite for celebrating, and hoping there is no one else around.

I will definitely look for more music like this.

CD cover

Portrait of Windy Weber, with makeup and hair style akin to punk style, with her name and album title on each left and right sides of the portrait

At one point or another, we’ve all wanted an island.

A place to be alone.

Where we could live and breathe and think with no one else around.

No one to bother us, no one to hurt us.

No one who could betray.

This album is about that island.

Windy Weber’s words included in the album.

CD booklet page. Has an detail from a photo capturing an indoor view of the window and palm trees behind it. On the side, the above quote was added


I like its pace and progression. Want more of this.

Unreleased Home Recordings 1992-1995

The rawness of these tracks, I just love it. It’s like grainy night or overexposed summery photography. You want that grunge to surface and give it some authenticity because “nothing is perfect”.