Related to Joninne, HTRK singer.

The albums between ~2011-2012 and 2022 are a bit uninspired and have less experimental traits to my taste. They’re more acoustic, fine, but I can also catch lyrics that seem bland to hear. Which is fine on a holistic level, but doesn’t energize my mind as I’d like without that industrial-esc styling.


Incredibly satisfying to me. It sounds like motorized rock with the metals shimmering and the bass filling in the space. Also like the sound dirtiness captured in the recording.


Work (Work, Work)

Approachable and simple album with excellent melodies and trance-y motorizations that goes a lot to the#industrial side of things.


LP cover:

The dominant artwork is composed of the letters HTRK in cutout, framing a black and white photo of what appears to be a sensuous and sinuous natural rock formations or a cloth surface? At the top, the title of the album in red.

Over the rainbow

I like where this takes me. Having this type of electronic music rolling in the background is truly energizing and inspiring for creative tasks. Reminds me of Vladislav Delay with its corporeal/organic-like synths.


Photo of a beach landscape, a city coastline where you can see the buildings from afar erected near the beach.