Listening to Cocteau Twins is an otherworldly experience, for many reasons. One is that it does sound dated.

For some reason, this is generically considered a downside in art, but I find the contrary here. The music is so well interwoven and the albums’ tracks blend so well that they sound photographic.

Listening to Cocteau Twins is like admiring beautiful film and past eras.

Another otherworldly reason, is because it seems like it has a story when it has literally none. The lyrics don’t make sense. I feel like the artists were so into the creative momentum that they made it as it is. They found their sound. They conveyed their feelings perfectly into records.

I feel entranced by their lullabies and start travel-thinking. Not because I think I’m seeing what they saw, but because they trigger my imagination.

In other words, only with their art, I can paint a new world inside my head with specific hues. I could name artists that sound like other artists, but Cocteau Twins are unique.

Only their music allows me to travel to a place that I created and where I stay as long as their music endures.


Classic post-punk, and of course, this one is an essential in my musical listings. The bass reverbs inside me, the guitar riffs shreds my boredom, and Liz’s vocals inspires me.

I particularly like how post-punk sided this record is.