Welcome to this digital garden! You are at the gate now. What will you do?

Run away or Open the gate

Illustration of a gate with a garden behind it

You open the gate

My name is Pedro. I’m Portuguese and live in Lisbon, Portugal, with my wife and daughter. I work as a product designer in tech, and I identify myself as a creative person. I love arts, designing, sketching and experimenting with expressing feelings, experiences, stories, beliefs, ideas and contributing with useful messages, solutions and inspiration to society.

Here in this digital garden, I mostly write for myself, exercise cognition, and take notes that may come in handy to generate new ideas. They’re for anyone, including me, to pick up, digest, and create.

I have been writing notes, mainly, about the following topics:

I believe in shared information and e-societies. I think we’re heading toward communal knowledge, and it’s important to be free of ownership, capitalization of ideas and propagate innovation that benefits society.

This garden is called “Topo da mente” because it’s Portuguese for “Top of mind”, in a direct translation, but we don’t use it as an idiomatic expression.

This website was assembled by me in 2023 using: