This is a stunning piece of web work. I can’t help but think about the Paper-like web concept.

The website author, Nicholas Rougeux, did an excellent work. It’s now possible to see this work in a new, more modern format, and otherwise it would go unnoticed, sitting there in the archive.

I already added it to my favorites. I want to be able to use it as a reference for my drawings and paintings, and maybe for web projects.

I like how this catalog, originally manually, created and painted by Patrick Syme, was, in its turn, based on Abraham Werner’s textual, literal, in-written descriptions of his own experience observing the colors. It’s crazy! How difficult it must have been to understand which color he was talking about just by reading it. There’s a huge margin for error, but the result is beautiful anyway. I like that I can search, on my own initiative, for the color in real life, like a painter would in the year 1814.

Website's above-the-fold section with the navigation, the name and a brief description. The background is a matrix of color swatches

List of the color categories and color swatches. Its arranged in a table format with the swatch, the name of the color, and references to where you can find those colors in nature. Each color also has a reference, at the end of the row, on which colors to mix to obtain it

View of the extra information you get when you expand each color reference on the website. It shows the photos of nature species or minerals that were referenced