These are some of my favorite radios:

  • Cashmere radio — Cool music and I like the amateurish or uncompromised vibe. It’s cool and has great music for me. Sometimes german speaking gets in the way because I don’t understand any.
  • LYL radio — Clean emissions, meaning minimal chatter and very enjoyable music shows that align perfectly with my tastes. A lot of experimental and easy-listening.
  • NTS radio — Classic love of mine. A bit too talkative for my taste in some shows, but the people they invite to host align very well with my musical tastes.


The radio shows I often come back to:

  • Perfect Sound Forever — Ambient, drone, minimal folk, post-punk, dream-pop, shoegaze and the like have a special place in my heart. This show collects the stuff I’m usually into and also helps me discover some “new old” records.