The Ground Below Above Our Heads

Flawless progression, multi-layered, deep and entrancing. It starts as a humming, roaring soundscape and develops into unique trains of sound that hypnotizes you. I use this for creativity sessions, more for drawing and painting. It’s quite inspiring to me.

Beautiful, minimal cover with an enigmatic symbol in the center of a lizard of some sort arranged in a circle.

As described before. Background is paper white and in black is the serif font title broken in two, with half above the symbol and the rest below, with Jim's name at the very bottom


Steamroom 16, The great indoors

Haunting and cinematic. Beautiful progression and climaxing. Jim’s description:

Various tape machines inside a tent. For this version, all the original source tapes were used, and as some had later lives, occasionally something might seem familiar, or not.

The Creeping Garden

Made as a soundtrack for the film with the same name. It’s like I’m in a cave of some sorts. Mysterious/haunting, induces a lot of psychedelic, peaceful imagery. It’s like fungi music.


Steamroom 45, Sigaretstraat

Beautiful dissonances and tones. Love the progression, calmness and subtleties.