Path to a more sustainable wardrobe

I decided to change my fashion consumption habits. I was used to buying fast fashion because it was practical. Those shops are everywhere where I live, and so I get to try and buy in one sit. It’s a great process. I check the mirror and buy what looks good.

I was already willing to pick the most ecological offering. I would check labels for the origin and the materials, for the most durable, most organic, and the closest manufacture. But I was lying to myself in that process because I knew it wasn’t enough. A lot of these fast fashion’s eco offerings are shady and often debunked as greenwashing. Not cool.

Furthermore, this sort of fast fashion items are really annoying to use daily. They’re just not durable enough. They end up in a bad shape after a few washes. Or maybe after a few uses, I spot some nagging defects, like stretched t-shirt necks or socks that cut my ankles.

This year, I will start building a new wardrobe as my current one slowly degrades. I will focus on a few criteria:

  1. Durability of the materials and the items’ construction.
  2. Local-first, to contribute to the local economy and ensure a certain level of fair trade and good working conditions as inspected by local laws. Or as close as possible to where I live, to reduce traveling, at least within Europe.
  3. Quality design and manufacture.
  4. Organic materials and sourcing.

I basically want to focus more on durability, so I intend to honor the effort and energy put into producing what I wear. I will look into documenting what I choose to help me drive better research and understand what I have in here: My Sustainable Wardrobe.