There is something about gaming that helps me prepare for the future of my mental health. Something about the noise that I face nowadays, where everything everywhere asks for my attention. And gaming in this context may just be the lifeboat that I can get to escape.

I don’t think any game does a good job at this, but I think some games are tailored to help us breathe and contemplate the present, strangely. Some help me ease my disordered anxiety. I can feel the improvements.

I recently started playing games. I have a short window for it. Probably 1 hour per day. I bought a retro gaming handheld console. Those fed by roms.

I feel these games sooth my brain somehow. Something about the simplicity of the graphics, the controls, and the gameplay that easily allow me to bury myself on the sofa, late night, and help me have a white-space time for my long day. I even start thinking about new ideas while I play. Similar to those shower moments, where I usually also have eureka moments.