My note-taking excitement is wearing off. Not that I don’t enjoy it, or enjoy it less. It’s just that my life was centered on it, and I was focused on finishing templating my digital garden, that I thought it would be just about writing, almost daily. Now I notice I don’t take as much notes as I used to.

This is fine. I imagined this would happen. I don’t need to set up a rhythm or a pattern for writing. Things are unfurling, and it’s actually good to let this practice take its place in my routine naturally, without pressure.

Some persistent benefits I’ve been noticing:

  1. I still write more than I used to, on and off the digital garden.
  2. I read more than I used to, online and offline.
  3. I consume less social media feeds.
  4. I listen more to my favorite#music and found a safer way to document and collect it, now that I don’t have physical copies but too many digital accounts.

Some aspects I think need to be improved:

  1. Write more about my personal novels and comics drawings.
  2. Have a better and faster system to collect fleeting or quick notes.