I feel like I am transitioning from a sponge state, where I previously would fight boredom with the consumption of more content on the internet through social media channels, into a state of listening. Waiting for something to happen in my surroundings and just pay attention to it, for my interest. I’m glad that is happening that way, and it aligns with my vision of creating after listening.

However, I’m bothered that my mind is alert to finding something interesting to feed my notes. This is not what I want. I want my notes and Digital Garden to grow naturally, according to need. I don’t need to entertain anyone or feel liked.

This feeling is reminiscent of blogging, where an entrepreneurial mindset must be in place to upkeep an audience. It’s a capitalistic side effect.

I’m not here to upkeep an audience apart from myself and myself only. I need to put my focus on what I require to progress with my creative endeavors. Not only that, but I will only make the content that is needed, at the right time, and save it for posterior creative moments.

Whatever benefit an audience may get with this is collateral. Making it for ourselves first, to feed something bigger, may be better for everyone than selling out just anything that comes to mind without any quality criteria.