As I grow older, the internet is becoming more and more the wrong place for me to look for answers.

I think there is a limit to our brain’s ability to absorb content. Mine is filled and tired of intake, upselling and entrapment. Younger people, less than about thirty, or even forty (stretch), will disagree and aptly eat all at once, force the brain to “evolve”, and even brag about it at some point. That’s fine. I guess the young body is frantic with the idea of eating more content, and it’s not the time to listen to others — all gas, no brakes.

I long for a better relationship with myself, my creative being, my surroundings, and other dynamic inputs. That is why I want to start writing more and create a Digital Garden. Establish a dialog with my mind and reflect more on my survival status.

What I would like to do…

  1. Unload things from my brain
    1. that I think are essential,
    2. and that I intend to remember.
  2. Re-read what I’ve made
    1. to know myself,
    2. to help brew/spark ideas,
    3. and to meditate, be present.
  3. Share with the e-society so
    1. I can dialog with it,
    2. feed the communal knowledge,
    3. and belong.