Isto is a Portuguese brand with an interesting view on the future of fashion, fully embracing the transparency of the production process as a core value.

Classic T-shirt

Bought a few light-colored Classic design t-shirts.


  • Comfortable fabric. Appears to be durable.
  • Quality, rigorous seam lines.
  • Good fit and height for my body type.
  • Fair price for the quality.


  • The neck is slightly wide for my taste.
  • The neck is also loose and weirdly finished near the shoulder seam causing a slight lifting off the skin.
  • Sleeve design is slightly tight for my taste. I do like goofy, skater-like, loose sleeves, so my fault here. The photos are actually accurate on this point.

Flannel Shirt

Got one of these in gray twill.


  • Soft and comfortable fabric.
  • The fabric appears to be resistant and of high quality. Needs the washing test.


  • A bit short to tuck in.

Heavyweight T-shirt

Got a white one. Here are some positives:

  • Heavy fabric that feels good, but not as good as the Classic version.
  • Good shape and beautiful, classic sleeve design that is almost perfect for my body type.

However, on the negative side:

  • Fabric could be more crease resistant. You can get sharp marks just by using it, making you wish you had an iron at hand to fix it.

Heavyweight Sweatshirt

Got an undyed one. Probably the best sweatshirt I ever acquired. Almost perfect. The inside of the sweatshirt is very comfy, warm and quite breathable. The only negative I could point out is that the cuff should be a little more tightened.